About us

We are a small company from Slovenia. We deliver unique and high quality enamelware and stoneware across the Europe.

Our mission is to provide you with products that will help you:

  • Impress your guests at dinner party
  • Protect your child with durable and nontoxic dishes
  • Enjoy your camping trips
  • Discover your grandmom’s kitchen secrets

We love enamelware and stoneware!

  1. Because it’s healthy. A great feature of enamelware and stoneware is that neither of the materials react with your meals.
  2. Because it’s durable. We use enamelware when away camping to drink coffee and eat pasta with our friends around the fire.
  3. Because it’s retro. We all have a need for that rustic feeling that was present in our grandparents’ kitchen.
  4. Because it’s elegant. Serve your delicious meals straight from your oven to the table full of guests.

Enjoy your food!

Polona & Gorazd

If you have any questions feel free to contact us: healthy@enamelware.cooking