Autumn essentials for warming up

Autumn is in full swing and winter is slowly creeping in. It’s the time of the year, when we reach for heartwarming comfort food.

As the days get shorter, we can’t shake the feeling that something is taken away from us.

Autumn is harvest time and if you are a bit like us, autumn feels like a big basket of gifts, a myriad of new colors and flavours to experiment with.

When the nights are getting longer and colder, our kitchen transforms from summer’s light tastes to more deeper flavours: spice, rich salty meats, roots like turnips and carrots, and all time classic like cabbages and brussels sprouts. There is nothing like the smell of a fresh baked pie or the sound of big savoury soup simmer on the stove.

Once a week, until winter comes in, we will post a new autumn essential for your kitchen.

Autumn essential #1
Roasting chestnuts

Autumn essentials #1 - Roasted chestnuts

There is nothing like the smell of a fresh roasted chestnuts with your best friends in the autumn evening.

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