Three little secrets of your grandmoms’ cooking

Have you ever wondered how your grandparents prepared delicious meals day after day? How come their food tasted a little better? We believe that there are only three secrets:

1. Get to know your cookware

Knowing how your cookware behaves on your stove or in your oven is a crucial part of every prepared meal. In this case, practice makes perfect. By using your cookware daily, you will understand how your cookware behaves in different conditions. This means that you should have a small, long lasting set of cookware.

2. Healthy

Enamelware and stoneware are considered two of the safest cookware types, but be careful, as not all enamelware or stoneware cookware is considered healthy. Look for cookware that doesn’t contain Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) and Bromine (Br). A great feature of enamelware and stoneware is that neither of the materials react with your meals. This means that your food tastes exactly like you envisioned it. With big and exciting flavours.

3. Serving

The most obvious little trick is that you serve your beautiful baked dishes as they were meant to be served: Undisturbed, with a little crust on the side, unportioned in the same dish that the food was prepared, so your guest can gaze upon your creation. Not all cookware is stylish enough to present it to your guests, but little white polka dots on a red, green or blue background certainly won’t go out of style.

We think that in this fast moving world, we all have a need for that rustic feeling that was present in our grandparents’ kitchen.

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