Vintage on the outside, modern on the inside

Vintage on the outside

Ever wondered what the difference between retro and vintage cookware is?
We believe that retro is imitation of style with benefits of modern technology that brings you the best possible results in terms of quality and cost. We believe that vintage only describes the age of cookware. Various customs laws state that antique cookware must be at least 100 years old. Vintage cookware is also old, not less than 20 years.

Modern on the inside

In past decades, we witnessed great development in non-stick cookware. In 2006, 90% of all aluminium cookware had a non-stick coating. There are many reports and studies on the effects of non-stick coating with conflicting conclusions.

A well-established fact is that overheating non-stick cookware can cause health risks. Overheating can be caused in numerous ways. Overheating can be avoided, but it removes a lot of cooking options from your kitchen. Never preheat an empty pan. Don’t cook at high heat. Don’t broil or sear meats. Those techniques require temperatures above what non-stick can usually handle.

Retro as a golden median

There is cookware that is safe for you to use. Enamelware and stoneware are considered two of the safest cookware types. The technology and use of enamelware and stoneware is old enough and thoroughly tested, but be careful, as not all enamelware and stoneware cookware is considered healthy.

Look for cookware that doesn’t contain Cadmium (Cd), Lead (Pb) and Bromine (Br). A great feature of enamelware and stoneware is that neither of the materials react with your meals.
It took 50+ years for enamelware and 1000+ years for stoneware to develop to a point where we do not risk our health when we cook with them.

We need to give modern non-stick coatings a little bit more time and maybe, someday, they will be able to replace enamelware and stoneware. In the meantime, treat yourself to healthy and safe cookware.

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