Enamelware vs Stoneware baking dishes

Looking for healthy bakeware?

Have you heard of the term “inert”? In the context of cookware, it means material stays chemically inactive during the cooking process. Both enamelware and stoneware are non-reactive, so you can confidently bake acidic foods such as tomatoes in your bakeware.

Looking for colourful bakeware?

Both enamelware and stoneware baking dishes can charm you with their colours and styles. You can choose from variety of hues and shapes. This will let you create a colourful presentation of your meal right in front of your dinner guests. Their advantages extend beyond aesthetics, and despite a number of similarities, they differ in some areas.

Looking for bakeware suitable for all heat sources?

Enamelware is Suitable for All Heat Sources – Including Induction. This makes it perfect for turning all those lovely roast meat juices into delicious gravy. You can start cooking on your stovetop and then transfer to the oven. On the contrary, stoneware can be used only in the oven.

Looking for bakeware with even heating?

You should choose stoneware. Stone bakeware allows heat to rise evenly and maintains an even baking temperature to ensure a light and crisp texture. It emits a far-infrared heat, which is the most effective and beneficial heat for cooking. It enables a full range of subtle flavours to emerge. Stoneware retains heat, thereby keeping your food warm on the table. On the other side, enamelware conducts heat pretty fast. That is why foods cool off quickly once removed from the heat source.

Looking for bakeware that can be heated up to high temperatures?

Both types of baking dishes can bake at high temperatures. Stoneware is even a little bit more tolerant of high oven temperatures than enamelware. Normally it can be heated up to 400 °C, while enamelware can be heated up to 350 °C. “Why cook at higher temperatures”, you ask? The formed gases evaporate, contributing to the crust of bread and other baked goods.

Looking for bakeware that is easy to clean and dishwasher safe?

Cleaning enamelware and stoneware is a breeze. You only need hot, soapy water and a good rinse. Both materials are dishwasher safe.

Looking for lightweight bakeware?

Lightweight construction of enamelware makes it a great companion for camping or any other outdoor adventure. Stoneware on the other side is normally heavy due used materials.

Looking for lifelong bakeware?

Enamelware is chip and scratch resistant. On the other hand, stoneware is apt to break if dropped. Both types of baking dishes can last a lifetime as long you treat them well.

Stop looking, Start cooking healthy

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