Enamel plate – pastel blue, Ø 24 cm

This retro pastel blue enamel plate made of steel with a porcelain enamel finish is perfect for outdoor dining or to take on a picnic. Red with white polka dots on the outside and classic beige with black rim on the inside.

Carrying these plates is a breeze, Lightweight compared to traditional dishes. Only 270g

Enamel plate is great alternative to plastic or melamine. Even more durable and infinitely more elegant, they bring a contemporary feel to table settings as they are reminiscent of the past.

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Chip and scratch resistant

In some cases, the ceramic outer layer can chip and reveal the steel beneath it; even that enamelware is still safe to use.


Enamelware is one of the healthier choices when it comes to serving your food and beverages.


Remember your grandparents’ kitchen cabinets? They probably bought enamel dishes before you were born. The tradition is that grandparents pass enamelware on to their children. Start your tradition.


It goes hand in hand with longevity. Treat yourself to a durable, long lasting and elegant enamelware set and distance yourself from the average consumer. Hint: Enamelware plates are great for camping. Go green and ditch the paper plates!

Cook and serve in same dish

It is elegant enough for grownups and safe for small hands that might drop them on the floor.


You don’t have a hefty weight when serving your food. Enamelware is very lightweight.

Oven safe

Enamelware can be used on gas and electric stoves, induction plates and in the oven. It’s not intended for microwave use.

Freezer safe

Enamelware can be used for freezing your deliciously prepared food.

Dishwasher safe and easy to clean

Cleaning enamelware is a breeze. You only need hot, soapy water and a good rinse.

European quality

All of our enamel products are made in the EU.

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Weight 270 g